How To Be “Boyfriend Material”

Women meet men all the time and think he’s cool or attractive. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll want to take things further. Women decide whether a particular guy has potential boyfriend qualities or maybe just a friend. What does it depend on you ask? The way you act around her and what vibes she gets from you.

Most men get friend-zoned because they simply don’t qualify as boyfriend material. It doesn’t mean they don’t like you. It simply means they don’t like you romantically. So here I am to serve you and help you dodge the dreaded friend zone. Take my advice and you will present to women as the dateable one not the one to befriend.

Friend Zone!

Friend Zone!

Dress like you’re trying to impress her

Hanging out with your mates is easy and nobody is really bothered by your attire. But when you are a meeting a women you want to do “unfriendly” things with, you have to make an effort and look like a stud. Your attire is the first thing she notices and she can reject you at first sight.

I’m not saying a relationship is all based on looks, but they play a big role. Women need men to make an effort of men, just like they do. They don’t need you to look like Brad Pitt but look after yourself or make an effort to look as good as you can. If you do not do so, then chances are she is not interested.

Put down the video games and Star Wars action figures

Now don’t boo me already, I am a video game geek and a Star Wars freak. But you might be missing out on some real action if you don’t give your video games a break once in a while. Now let’s all admit video games are not a mature hobby. Women on the other hand like a mature man. If your life revolves around a TV and remote controls, then you can take my world you’ll strike out on the first date. Women too like video games but no decent woman will sign up to watch a guy play games all day long. Some chicks do hang out with a guy and his video games but usually as friends. So it’s your choice buddy. What do you want more?

Learn to be romantic and sweet

Some gestures just never miss. If you can’t shower her with love and romance, you get blocked in the friend zone again. Chances are you will be listening to her talk about her boyfriend or go to the movies with her during the day.

So show the girl you like the softer, caring side of you. They admire that sort of thing. Take her find when you are walking. If she’s cold, the infamous “take off your jacket and give ot to her” gesture never misses. Flirt and compliment her. Make a little physical contact, don’t jump right onto second base. If you act like that around your mates, that’s just plain wierd. But on a date with a girl I like, I don’t hold back the sweet guy within me.